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Welcome to the online community of teacher, healer and writer, Khaying Garma Neten Drolkar; Jalu Foundation®; and Jalu Heal & Awaken®.

Your donations go a long way to supporting this online community and our small, start-up nonprofit organization, Jalu Foundation. Your kindness and generosity are deeply appreciated. Thank you.

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Photo Above: Taken by Khaying at Osel Jalu Dorje™, Jalu Foundation's retreat land. Summer 2021.

Khaying Garma Neten Drolkar is an American teacher, healer and writer who was born fully awake and aware of her life purpose for this incarnation. Khaying offers teachings on healing, awakening and enlightenment—teaching from direct experience and memories of her previous incarnations. In 2021, Khaying started Jalu Foundation, an educational, charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to sharing her teachings, healing abilities and charitable activities with a wider audience.

Khaying was born and raised in Chicago, lived in San Francisco and has visited most of the United States. She has traveled all over the world and stayed for extended periods of time engaged in formal meditation, practice retreat and pilgrimage in California, Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, New York, Massachusetts, Canary Islands in Spain, Thailand, Bali, Nepal and Bhutan. For over 12 years, her homebase has been Viroqua, Wisconsin. But her heart forever lives in Tibet.

Since 2014, she has spent most of her time in spiritual retreat engaging in traditional mind training, meditation and contemplative practice—purification of the ordinary mind and heart, which uncovers our primordially pure, naturally enlightened heart-mind.

In Buddhism, this enlightened heart-mind is called buddhanature and is the source of profound peace, lasting joy, ultimate happiness and fulfillment.

In other wisdom traditions, which focus on direct experience or gnosis rather than intellectual book knowledge, buddhanature is called divinity, christ consciousness, cosmic consciousness, Source, Spirit, God and bliss.

In June 2020, Khaying began teaching more openly to a small group of dedicated students. Despite her preference for solitude and seclusion away from society and human company, she has agreed to begin teaching more publicly in 2022.

Since 2010, she has been a mother, spiritual teacher and school teacher to her son, who has lived in spiritual retreat and also traveled the world with Khaying for his entire life.

Jalu Foundation is an educational, charitable nonprofit supporting Khaying's activities. Founded in 2021, we are a small start-up organization dedicated to helping others heal and awaken through secular and traditional mind training, meditation and contemplative practice with a focus on cultivating wisdom, increasing compassion and engaging in selfless service. We offer online and onsite events, classes, healing sessions, awakening transmissions, retreats and involvement in charitable projects. Scroll to the bottom of the page to learn more about Jalu Foundation.

Jalu Heal & Awaken is Khaying's alternative healing practice, which financially supports Jalu Foundation. Currently, Khaying has been offering Consultations and Healing Sessions directly through Jalu Foundation.

Jalu Community

This private website is an "online pure land"—a place for Khaying's students and friends to gather, connect and support each other on an authentic path of healing, awakening and embodied enlightenment; and a support for creating thriving and authentically awake communities across the globe, which provide benefit to our world.

It's a place where you can interact with Khaying and ask questions about teachings and practices you've received; share experiences; and connect with others on an authentic spiritual path.

This is also a place for those who are interested in being involved with the activities of Jalu Foundation and Jalu Heal & Awaken. It's a place for volunteers, practice coordinators, charitable projects coordinators, independent contractors and employees to meet, gather, connect and brainstorm.

Liability Waiver and Non-Disclosure Agreement

To join the online community, you will be asked to sign a participant form, which includes a liability waiver (due to the nature of certain practices) and non-disclosure agreement (to keep information private and for personal use only).

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Public Groups
Open to everyone. Join any or all public groups.

Private Groups
Permission only. Restricted due to the nature of the teachings and practices. Created for students who have received transmission from Khaying and permission to join the related group. To join a private group, please contact [email protected] for permission.

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We aspire to keep events free of cost with a traditional suggested donation amount, yet this is only possible through the generosity of students, friends and supporters who offer donations. Your decision to offer a one-time donation or recurring monthly donation goes a long way to supporting our small, start-up nonprofit. Your kindness and generosity are deeply appreciated and we have no doubt that your positive karma will be greatly multiplied by supporting Khaying's activities. Thank you.

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Jalu Foundation

Jalu Community

Jalu Heal & Awaken

Osel Jalu Dorje Retreat Center
Jalu Foundation's Retreat Land
Location of our future teaching and retreat center
Driftless Region, Viroqua Area, Wisconsin, USA
[email protected]
USA 1-608-624-3495

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Jalu Foundation

Jalu Foundation: In Depth

Khaying's mission is to support each individual on their path of mental and emotional purification, authentic awakening, embodied enlightenment, profound wellbeing and ultimate happiness.

Each person possess an unlimited potential to be of benefit to their local community and the world. This can only happen when one decides to purify the mind, open the heart, mercilessly cut through the ego, see through an illusory spiritual identity, awaken to one's true essence and fulfill one's life purpose. This is the true path of enlightenment. 

While honoring the genuine wisdom traditions and lineages found in all cultures, Khaying focuses on sharing the wisdom of traditional contemplative practice, Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism and Dzogchen from her direct experience and memories of her past lives (alternate lives). She also engages in Buddhist-inspired, secular activities for the general public.

Note: "Buddha nature," "timeless awareness" and "primordial purity" are all Buddhist terminology for describing what others call "God" or "Source"—divinity in and around everyone and everything, and not separate or external from us.

Our Activities Include:

  • Offering events, teachings, group practices, weekly group healing sessions (awakening/ripening transmissions), individual healing and awakening transmissions and retreats—online via Zoom and onsite in the Viroqua Area, Wisconsin, USA. See the section, "Legal Notices" at the bottom of this page.
  • Providing Khaying's secular teachings and practices for authentic awakening and well-being.
  • Engaging in traditional Tibetan Buddhist teachings, practices, rituals, ceremonies and lifestyle.
  • Preserving Tibet's rich cultural and spiritual heritage.
  • Transmitting Dzogchen teachings.
  • Adapting traditional contemplative teachings and practices for the benefit and wellbeing of children and younger generations.
  • Creating practice communities around the world.
  • Supporting an online practice community.
  • Creating various charitable projects, such as donating fresh, natural produce grown on our land to individuals and families in need; raising farm animals and donating animal products such as eggs, milk and cheese to individuals and families in need; creating a traditional Tibetan animal sanctuary where animals scheduled for slaughter are saved and cared for as a form of compassionate spiritual practice.

Current Events

Group Healing Sessions (Awakening/Ripening Transmissions)

Khaying will offer remote, from-a-distance, Healing Sessions in a Group Format to the public starting: Saturday, March 12, 2022.

They will continue twice a week:

Saturdays & Sundays
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Central/Chicago
60-Minute Sessions
*Week night sessions will be available in the future

This is a remote session so you can relax in the privacy of your own home for 60 minutes.

This is not an online or onsite event.

Limited to 25 people—adults, as well as children, youth, sickly and elderly are welcome.

Visit www.khaying.org for details.

Sunday Group Practice

Since June 2020, Khaying has been freely offering teachings, transmissions, Q & A, and group practice on Sundays (and additional weekdays for various online events), from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Central Time, via Zoom, to a small group of students.

In December 2021, after almost two years without break, Khaying went into a work and practice retreat.

The Sunday Group Practice via Zoom will resume some time in 2022 and will be opened to a wider audience.

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Subscribe to our email list for news, events and updates. Email us at [email protected] with subject line "SUBSCRIBE."

Osel Jalu Dorje

Osel Jalu Dorje Retreat Center

Osel Jalu Dorje (Clear Light of the Indestructible Rainbow Body) is Jalu Foundation's 84-acre retreat land (spiritual hermitage) located in the Driftless Region of rural Southwest Wisconsin, USA.

We're hidden amidst a town of under 600 people in the Viroqua Area, among rural farming communities and Amish communities.

Our current fundraising efforts are focused on building a teaching and retreat center consisting of outdoor public restrooms, a general practice hall, lodging and retreat cabins.

Make a donation towards these efforts or email [email protected] for more information.

Note: Osel Jalu Dorje is private property and is not open to the public. Invited guests, with permission and scheduled appointments, are welcome. Thank you for respecting our privacy and commitment to intensive spiritual practice.

Khaying would like to express her heartfelt gratitude for the extremely generous and visionary students who helped acquire Osel Jalu Dorje for the the benefit of current students and our future practice community.

Legal Notices

Copyrighted Content and Images

Copyright © 2021 - 2022+ Khaying Garma Neten Drolkar, Jalu Foundation Inc.® and Jalu Heal & Awaken®. All rights reserved.


"Jalu Foundation Inc.®" and its slogan, "Wisdom. Compassion. Service.®" are US federally registered trademarks of Jalu Foundation Inc.®.

"Jalu Heal & Awaken®," "Jalu®" and the Jalu logo are registered trademarks of Jalu LLC®.

"Jalu Community™" and "Osel Jalu Dorje™" are trademarks of Jalu Foundation Inc.®.

Jalu Foundation Inc. and Jalu LLC

Jalu Foundation Inc.® is an educational, charitable nonprofit founded and directed by Khaying Garma Neten Drolkar. We are incorporated in Wisconsin, USA. Our Federal EIN is 86-1804994.

Jalu LLC® is a limited liability company founded and owned by Khaying Garma Neten Drolkar to financially support Jalu Foundation Inc.® We are incorporated in Wisconsin, USA.

Liability and Non-Disclosure

Because of the nature of some advanced meditations and contemplative practices, a participant form, which includes a liability waiver; and non-disclosure agreement, to keep information private and for personal use only, will need to be signed by participants for some events.

Privacy Statement

We respect your privacy. Your personal information will never be provided or sold to third parties.


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